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Posted by / 28-Feb-2016 20:03

Are online dating sites for losers

Part of me misses those early days, only because everyone was pre-screened in some form or another; only the most intelligent, tech-savvy and resourceful folks found themselves online at that point.

Now, anyone can drunkenly dare their friends to put up a profile, and many do.

This question comes in mind of many people because it reduces their self-confidence.

With these facts staring you in the face – have you ever considered trying online dating? They also raise their pay by 20% (or more, if they're older).And uh, "80% of self-identified bisexuals are only interested in one gender."In other words, everybody's pretty much less attractive than we say we are.So let's delve into the why's and wherefore's of this question, before I answer it as best I can.Many singles are scared of a variety of things when putting themselves online: they'll get stalked, see someone they know, get matched up with a former partner, be outed for a belief, religion or way of being, lose privacy, and so forth.

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