Elaine dating keith hernandez Aduls chats

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Elaine dating keith hernandez

What are ya'… you trying to make a joke, because it's not funny.

If you do not understand why this procession of individuals was chosen, you did not belong at this game. GEORGE: For one thing, I need to keep the wives sitting at least one section away from the mistresses. GEORGE: And I have to make sure Pedro's friend, Nelson de la Rosa, isn't sitting behind anyone tall. [KRAMER suddenly lets out a yelp and points to a story in the Post.] KRAMER: Did you see this? Which means she's going to get back at him by sleeping with everyone in a Mets uniform when the Orioles come to town. JERRY: It's as if I'm having breakfast with Branch Rickey. KRAMER: So, Jerry, that must mean he was unfaithful to her. George has to find a new way to continue receiving unemployment checks, and Jerry's theory about a "second spitter" (the series' version of the second hit-man in the Kennedy assassination) regarding Kramer and Newman's embarrassing encounter with Hernandez a few years earlier is further investigated.Is there really anything to say about the second episode part of the episode that hasn't already been mentioned in relation to Part One? Suffice to say, the conclusion to the story is just as hilarious as the build-up, with a special mention for how the JFK mockery plays out at the end.

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SOKOL: It's my daughta' GEORGE: THIS is your daughter?