Elluminate whiteboard not updating

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Wright State faculty and staff may use Pilot Live/Blackboard Collaborate for university purposes, classroom support, or research support.

The primary purpose for Blackboard Collaborate is to support the academic classroom environment.

This situation has been generally referred to as the ‘pen issue’ however it is important to realize that the results of our investigation reveal that it is not a single issue but is instead at least two different issues with several known causes.

Any one or more of the causes can cause the unwanted behaviour.

Blackboard Collaborate has now been integrated into Pilot, our course management system.That is, the laptop is pushed to its limit as far as memory and processing power is concerned.All of the equipment supplied to staff is of very high quality and are more than capable of handling simultaneous usage of BBC, D2L, email, office applications and Adobe products.Whiteboard techniques provide a unique perspective in collaborative learning, and are being increasingly used to convey online information that cannot easily be transmitted in text or image form – e.g., mathematical equations and visual design concepts.Each of the three products reviewed has advantages and limitations in the extent to which it performs these functions.

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If you plan to use Collaborate through Pilot, you will not need to request a Collaborate account as you will be validated through your logon through Pilot.

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