Hummingbird and dating cory monteith and lea michele dating in real life

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Hummingbird and dating

This is a video clip from the PBS Special 'Super Hummingbirds' premiering October 12th (the day after my mom's birthday in case you're trying to hack my bank account) featuring a male Costa's Hummingbird performing an elaborate mating air-dance and showing off the shimmering purple octopus mask he has.

I must have one of those for the next masquerade party I attend.

Finally, although species accumulation is slowing in all groups of hummingbirds, several major clades maintain rapid rates of diversification on par with classical examples of rapid adaptive radiation.

For example, some clades diversified in the context of the uplift of the Andes Mountains, whereas others were affected by the formation of the Panamanian land bridge.

He flexes the iridescent feathers of his mantle until they become a glowing mask of violet.

Man, I wish I had iridescent feathers I could flex to impress the ladies. animals, birds, damn mother nature you are a freaky lady, get out of the sky octopus you belong in the water!

“If humans weren’t around, they would just continue on their merry way, evolving new species over time.” Hummingbird ancestors arose in Eurasia 42 million years ago For more than 12 years, Mc Guire and his colleagues collected DNA data from 451 birds representing 284 species of hummingbirds and their closest relatives, ultimately sequencing six nuclear and mitochondrial genes.

They used the data to arrange the living groups in a family tree, and concluded that the branch leading to modern hummingbirds arose about 42 million years ago when they split from their sister group, the swifts and treeswifts.

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They left no survivors in their ancestral lands, but once they hit South America about 22 million years ago, they quickly expanded into new ecological niches and evolved new species represented by nine distinct groups known today as topazes, hermits, mangoes, brilliants, coquettes, mountain gems, bees, emeralds, and the single-species group The Buff-tailed Sicklebill (Eutoxeres condamini), a hermit hummingbird, beside one of the flowers to which they are specialized, showing how the flower and recurved bill have co-evolved. About 12 million years ago, the common ancestor of the bee and mountain gem hummingbird groups made the jump into North America, which at the time was still separated from South America by a few hundred miles of water.