Ubuntu updating kernel

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Ubuntu updating kernel

Periodically new devices and technology coming out and it’s important to keep our Linux system kernel up-to-date if we want to get the most of out it.Moreover, updating system kernel will ease us to take advantage of new kernel fuctions and also it helps us to protect ourselves from vulnerabilities that have been found in earlier versions.If you’re still interested in compiling the kernel as a learning experience, you will get the instructions on how to do it at the Kernel Newbies page.As always, feel free to use the form below if you have any questions or comments about this article.Worse still, on running software updater it kept saying "the software on this computer is up to date" even though I couldn't boot into a kernel that was anything like current.

You are now using a much more recent kernel version than the one installed by default with Ubuntu 16.04.

That was until I ran which showed a couple of them were stuck on old kernels (eg 14.04 using 3.13.0-36, when it needed to be on 3.13.0-36).

Despite multiple attempts to run update-grub, they would not boot into the new kernel.

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Open https:// in your browser and know the “Latest Stable Kernel”. For example kernel 3.11 is listed as v3.11-saucy.4. Download the required Linux kernel image and place in a directory. Open the Terminal and navigate to the location where the downloaded file is placed.