Who is dwight howard dating 2016

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Just to refresh your memory, NBA baller Dwight and former NBA dancer Royce have an eight-year-old son together.

Something MUST be up because, by the looks of it, Dwight Howard is actually getting along with the mother of (one of) his kids, Royce Reed.

In several pics, Laticia was all over her beau, grabbing his butt and constantly gazing into his eyes. Last month, there were rumors the two had got engaged after a few eyebrow raising Instagram posts.

Apparently, Shaq went creepin' into her comments section and asked for her hand in marriage in which she responded, It's unclear if the engagement is real or fake. It appears former reality star Royce Reed and NBA baller Dwight Howard have finally called a truce for the sake of their 8-year-old son Braylon, ending a nasty on-going feud. We all remember the outright drama those two brought years ago.

The two quickly started dating and the relationship took a turn towards serious almost immediately.

Reed gave birth to the couple’s first, and only, son, Braylon on November 18, 2007 and the pair separated not soon after.

Royce claims that the violation should be voided because Dwight has other children and their mothers aren’t subjected to the same type of scrutiny.

Both Howard and Reed have been in a near constant battle over custody of their son for years and, in 2012, Reed actually moved to have her former boyfriend pay her legal fees.Hope wrote on Instagram: "Over the past 10 years we have built a bond that can not be broken. We have a GOOD relationship for the sake of our daughter she has and will ALWAYS come 1st. " Just how many kids/baby mamas Howard has is unknown but current estimates say he has children with eight different women.Last year he was sued for child support by a woman named Tiffany.Howard has also made friends with ex-girlfriend/baby mama Hope Alexa.She recently moved from Vancouver to Houston to be with him.

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