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Today’s report says Tiger Woods was spotted at not one but two parties over the weekend, not with his wife Elin Woods, but with alleged mistress number 1 Rachel Uchitel.Uchitel is in Palm Beach reportedly staying with her family.Rachel Uchitel is a 34 years old New Yorker who has a reputation of dating married celebrities, almost she attends all the parties.She likes to get clicked with rich man people and one night stand with rich men allegedly including Tiger Woods and David Boreanaz."I'm not a home wrecker, gold digger, tramp, whore ... When you're judged by the nation, it's really difficult.I'm not those things," she reportedly said in an interview with OK! It's horrible." Uchitel married businessman Matt Hahn in 2011.

Según un representante de Uchitel, la exnovia de Tiger Woods está en un proceso de divorcio, un año después de haber dado a luz a su hija.Then, she had a change of heart, or pockets, and decided she wanted the money settlement, some more perks and, oh yeah, a lawsuit.That was in 2010; however, in the last couple of years, Rachel has definitely been spending her time as a mother and wife and no longer a lady in waiting for Tiger.Research latest dating sites in a hope to find useful and which you wait for one thing, feel like you’ve.Whores waste your time on a dating site for the last years been transformed by technology such as screen.

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